Monday, August 28, 2006

Mulayam Jee - Distributing Tax Payers Money for Free.

Mulayam Singh Jee - CM of Uttar Pradesh, is busy distributing a lot to people these days.

Among these:
Sarees for Women folk, Cash for the unemployed etc.

Sarees worth Rs 2.5 bn

Cash to Unemployed

From where is ALL this money coming - Taxpayers Money.
Why is he doing all this - For Populist Vote Bank Politics.
What he should be doing - removing poverty, working for upliftment of people so that there is no need to give crutches to people. Give them a way to stand on their feet instead !!

Aise hain humaare tumhaare neta.
Aapke Humaare paise se vote kharid rahe hain :)


At 7:26 AM, Blogger sanjay said...

Ya very much true. The source of problem lies in major failure of Law and order, limited education and limited information provided to the people in Rural India. Limited progress made in the rural development. No infrastructure for agriculture and natural resources. How can people really take right decision when they vote for election. Many more factors are to be added maybe some time later.


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