Monday, August 28, 2006

Minister and People Watch - As a Family Drowns in Rajasthan

This is one of those incidents which makes us cry aloud- what the hell is happening?

For 8 hours a family was struck atop a car which found itself in middle of a swelling river.
Audience included : The Forest Minister of Rajasthan (Laxmi Narayan Dave), and Scores of People.
What did they do : Pretty much nothing. They could have called for FireBrigade, Helicopters, Army, Police help.

Read this unfortunate story here:

The Forest Minister should have been questioned and perhaps even punished for his inaction.

BUT, instead what did the CM of Rajasthan State had to say:
What do you want. Do you want my minister to jump into it to save these five people? We are trying every thing possible and we have saved a number of lives. Why can't you pat us on our back for that? Any one can make a story...what's great about it?"
Read on:

It's a SHAME !!! Aise hain hamare neta.


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