Friday, April 25, 2008

Human Resources Destruction (HRD) Minister

Dear Arjun Singh,

You have amply displayed your abilities in your tenure at a useless ministry. Wish you could learn a thing or two from Lalu Prasad Yadav (yeah such is the situation!). If you cannot improve anything, at least dont go about destryoing what exists.

In your completely moronic ways, you fought hard for a few hundred seats in top iconic institutes of higher education in India. Ostensibly for the neglected sections of the society. But, you forgot that this very section of the society seeks better Primary Education (in crores not few hundred), better HealthCare, better Roads, and Electricity. Give them the basics, the rest will be taken care of - people will feel proud of who they become - instead of depending forever on doles dished out to them. But hell NO! Why solve problems, when you can create more! Why provide primary education when you can create sensation with Nonsense and Sycophancy - of which you have been accused of by your own political masters as well.

Its India's great tragedy, that Education and HRD Ministries have been occupied by jokers of the highest order in recent decades. The first thing that Education Ministers in India usually do is start revising history text books without applying any brains, and the first thing that HRD Ministers in India do is to create problems wherever they can. We are ashamed, no not-of-you, but of the fact that people like you are tolerated in our country.

God Save India from the clutches of Ugly Politicians.
Take Leave.


At 1:32 PM, Blogger gunj said...

i am speechless!
i feel like a culprit as well!


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