Monday, August 28, 2006

Quotas - Arjun Singh, Sonia Gandhi, UPA - A Case of Divide and Rule

A majority of the Members of the National Knowledge Commission had clearly asserted that the Government should not extend reservations to OBCs as proposed by the Human Resource Destruction Ministry.

In his resignation (from Knowledge Commission) letter Prof Andre Beteille has clearly indicated that the quota proposal is a cynical misrepresentation of recently-enacted provisions of the Constitution.

YET: Our dear leaders ARJUN SINGH with blessings of Madam SONIA GANDHI, pushed ahead for reservations for OBC.

This is a classic game of DIVIDE and RULE. Not New to INDIA at all.

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How cheap the gimmics are of our politicans can be gauged by the fact that these leaders are mum on the seemingly open-and-shut case of CREAMY LAYER EXCLUSION.

Sonia Gandhi's only ambition seems to be cling on to power and hand on the reigns to the next generation.

Arjun Singh is playing the survival game, just like what VP Singh did.