Thursday, December 27, 2007

Outlook and Mr CNR Rao - blame IT.

A recent issue of Outlook magazine carried a story - 'cunningly' titled: Why Bangalore Hates IT Culture. The title seems to suggest that Outlook has done a survey and that 100% (why use the word 'Bangalore') of the people hate the IT culture. This simply shows what a 'silly' magazine outlook has become. Broadly, the story in parts and Mr CNR Rao on the whole, blames IT industry for Bangalore woes!

As for Mr CNR Rao - the less said the better. When people in responsible positions talk this kind of stuff: "They say they want better roads, but why should we create them?" It makes one wonder - if common sense is really not so common after all.

Wonderful and what a shame Mr Rao. Talk about revealing your ignorance to the world. Lack of infrastructure is lamentable (the reasons for it are discussed much better elsewhere.. so will leave that out) - but a clear lack of comprehension of the issues involved by 'renowned' people like yourself is funny to say the least.

More nuggets from Mr Rao:

"There was more poetry and music here before the IT boom"
Yeah sure... IT industry is preventing people from writing poems or singing? On the contrary, just to give a random example - Bangalore Habba has gone from strength to strength every year. In any case when did poetry and music become the responsibility of IT industry?

"They employ our graduates with high intellectual capabilities in jobs that are beneath them. They prevent our graduates from becoming good poets, good economists, fine historians, quality scientists and top-class engineers by luring them into jobs with fat salaries".
More fun. Governments Rozgar Yojana's are dens of corruption and waste of public funds, yielding nothing, and providing jobs to no-one but themselves. Without the private sector to take in lakhs of graduates coming out of colleges every year, we would have a large unemployed pool of youngsters. And by the way - would you employ them in your research labs?

And the outlook reminds us that you are a: "A world-renowned solid state and materials chemist, chairman, Science Advisory Council to the Prime Minister." Hmmmm....really.


At 3:35 PM, Blogger EYE said...

One shouldn't really blame IT. After all India needs it for a whole host of reasons. What should be blamed is the mentality of the people who associate IT with big money and therefore success.

At 10:13 AM, Blogger backpakker said...

umm...well, I rather not say anything on this topic because I have strong views ..wish you a very happy new year

At 10:06 PM, Blogger gunj said...

lol...that was funny wat all mr rao has to say....with leaders like him d country sure is doomed!
its IT whoz saving us!

At 2:37 AM, Blogger durjoy datta said...

great post!
mr. rao has given us all the reasons to hate him allright!

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