Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Me Lord...

Me Lord,

I recently visited your judicial premises for some ordinary work. The clerks there told me your work will not be done, unless you take a LIC Policy from them. I was taken aback - not because the clerk had wrapped a 'bribe-demand' in the form of a Policy! But - was taken aback - that it was happening right under your nose sir!

Then, i recall going to get a Driving License. The test inspector failed me the first time for no obvious reason. But he had the right to do so. So, i obediently appeared for a second driving test - this time the driving test inspector asked me to buy some Tickets from him. I was not taken aback because the inspector had wrapped a 'bribe-demand' in the form of a Ticket. But - was taken aback - that it was being done so brazenly - no fear of law and order.

Oh, before i forget, i remember seeking help from Police once. To my surprise the police inspector was quite obliging, and came along with me. I thanked him for that (having expected that i would not receive any help) - but as he was about to leave - he started noting down my vehicle number. Upon asking why he was doing so, he mentioned that i owe him money. I was not taken aback me lord. I was shell-shocked this time. Apparently the police wallah was indirectly threatening me to embroil me in something totally unrelated if i did not oblige. I do not know, but that was my best guess.

And sir, this might not seem out-of-place, please let me narrate... i was having pani-puri the other day near my house late in the evening, when a Police Jeep stopped and starked honking. The Paani Puri guy, went towards the jeep gave some money and came back, and the jeep left. Upon asking, came to know that it was the 'hafta' thing. And on enquring further was told, that these people do not issue them license to do their work legally - purposefully, so that they may collect the daily 'bribe' one way or another.

Thankyou for listening.
Humbly Yours.


At 9:33 AM, Blogger Robin said...

Ah! Never heard that the government bundling other services to their work... It is better than bribing them..

At 6:52 AM, Anonymous Manas Shaikh said...

"Thanks for listening!"

"You are welcome(grunts)!"


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