Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lead India Campaign - TOI - Damp Squib?

Remember the Times of India's much-hyped 'Lead India Campaign '? Yes, the same one where one Mr R.K.Misra from Bangalore was the winner.

Well what happened to it? Where is Mr R.K.Misra. I only see him occasionally in some page-3 pictures in TOI. He is not at fault. Much like everything else that Times of India (and its equally useless Times Now) does, this too was a lot of hype, little substance.

Nobody knows what was supposed to happen as a result of this campaign. Was the winner supposed to fight elections? Was he supposed to be given a party ticket by some political party? Or was this all a stunt, to make people spend some money on SMS.

'Unlock Bangalore' - this seems to be another such campaign from the same group - mostly aimed at hype and gaining some mileage from 'sexy sloganeering'.


At 2:11 AM, Blogger rebel4change said...

the lead india campaign was a gud initiative . its winner was supposd to go for a phd in a some college in uk i guess but the initiative lost its shine bcse the winner was although very intelligent but it came to performing tasks he failed badly............he was a good debator but not a gud performer..........that is something which characterises all indian politicians till now...........the campaign was not for finding another politician it was a search for a leader .........

At 5:41 AM, Blogger manish said...

leaders can lead the country but politicians can't be understood what they do.
Leaders want that the leading people are are happy in any case but politicians want that, how they are happy by using the leading people?


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