Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Student Elections - Do we need them?

Incident: A group of allegedly ABVP activists beat up a Professor to death.
Witnesses: As seen in video images, these 'students' are threatening professors with dire consequences. There are hundres of people and police seen too.

What does the Police say:
We do not have any witnesses. What a joke!

What does the CM (Shivraj Singh Chouhan) of Madhya Pradesh do:
Orders a long drawn CID investigation. And gives clean-chit to perpetrators of the crime even before the investigations are begun! Aise hain hamaare desh ke neta...

Who the hell needs Political Parties on campuses.

Will the HR/EDUCATION MINISTER - ARJUN SINGH take up these matters with the same urgency, as he does his quota vota politics ???

This incident is a true reflection of our Netas and Police.
This is how a magnificent university - Allahabad University - was destroyed.


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