Friday, September 01, 2006

Dismal State of Sports in India - under the clutches of Politicians

Every four years, Indian teams depart to compete in the Olympic Games, only to return with bagful of woes.

Before Athens, the only other medal India had ever won in an individual sport at the Olympics was also a bronze in wrestling at the 1952 Games in Helsinki.

THAT sums up the state of Sports in India.

If Sports in India has to make any progress, it should be rescued from the clutches of Politicians.

  • Sports Administrators cling on to their chairs, for the sake of perks.
  • Most Sports Federations have Politicans and people who don't have a clue about Sports Administration heading them (Dalmiya, Kalmadi, Dasmunshi among others). These people have been clinging to their posts for many many years without much to show for the results.
  • National Games are held erratically, nobody knows when the next one is coming up!
  • Huge number of officials accompany sports persons especially to Olympics. Can they justify their time there (nobody minds the Shopping Spree's if you indulge in if your produced results)!
  • Stenographer was sent to Sydney Olympics. Hehehe... bizzare! What letters were dictated to him ?

Sports Minister, IOA Chairman, Sports Administrators - Can you pls act or let more competent people occupy your places?

Some Shining Examples:

  • Priya Ranjan Das Mumshi (Politician) has been chairman of AIFF for as long as you can remember. Priya Ranjan Das Jee; do you know that some of the nations which participated in recent Football World Cup are as small as the districts of our states !
  • Suresh Kalmadi (Politician) has been clinging on to IOA for as long as you can remember. Suresh Kalmadi Jee; when will a nation of Billion Plus people produce more than a lone medal at Olympics. Does it even bother you?

Sports in clutches of self-serving Politicos:

Slower, lower, weaker: India at the Olympic Games

Medal Tally across Olympic Games:


At 3:10 PM, Anonymous Tushar Mishra said...

hi man...totally agree with u on the state of sports affairs in our country..infact have written a similar blog too...


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