Friday, September 01, 2006

Increasing cases of Misuse of Section 498A

Section 498A deals with a woman's right to file a complaint against her in-laws and get them arrested on grounds of abuse (dowry, physical, mental, etc..) . Filing a dowry case is as easy as ordering a pizza.

Eminent lawyer Bishnu Charan Ghosh says, “As a lawyer I have never come across such gross abuse of any of the provisions of any Act as I am experiencing in 498A IPC cases”.

Read on about its blatant misuse:
Some brides are ‘villains’, not victims: lawyers

Check Dowry Law Misuse by Women : HC


Taipei Times - Bitterness of wives leads to abuse of India's anti-dowry laws

Question is: Why Should A Law Exist Allowing For Arrest Of People Just Because Someone Filed A Complaint - NO , NOT EVEN PRELIMNARY INVESTIGATION REQUIRED !!!

It assumes in other words: Victims are guilty till proven innocent.
It is hard to find equivalent of such strange laws in rest of the world.

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