Monday, September 04, 2006

Media Madness...

Have you observed the falling standards of large sections of India Media? Sure you have.

Times of India(TOI) - takes the crown in print media, while Star News - on television.

Here are some shining examples:

  • TOI - doesn't even look like a News Paper any longer. Its a tabloid with 'sensational' stories, and missing news. Regional News Papers have better coverage. The front page is the unworthiest part of the paper, as it has only 'masala' news. What a shame.
  • Star News/Aaaj Tak - Give them an opportunity to report some individual's misery; they will jump at it, and become reporters and judges in a very irresponsible manner.
  • It is common for news channels to have some semi-celebrities wedding as Prime Time News; which they will discuss with elite panel of specialists. Hahaha!
  • 'Breaking News' - has got a completely new meaning now. That is usually any news that you think you are first to report irrespective of its importance. Now, thats breaking news for you !
  • Where is International News, News Analysis, views of eminent people? When did we last see news about WHY the floods were happening and how we can prevent them ?
  • If you started believe frivilous media reports - you would think that we are about to turn into a Super Power!! But, reality is we have floods, droughts, hunger, corruption and poverty to deal with.

On brighter side, NDTV is by far the best, followed by CNN-IBN.


At 9:23 PM, Anonymous whiskypriest said...

regd. TOI u r right; witness how it hsa taken credit for introducing 'talented' Yamini to the future audiences. But i dont agree with ur views on CNN. They are biased against a particular community especailly one particular news reader/ analyzer


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