Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Criminal Justice System - Collapse.

It takes NDTV to exhort the Legal System to do justice. This is the job of the police. A top celebrated lawyer R.K.Anand - who is a defence lawyer in the BMW case - is actively involved in cohorting with the Prime Witness of the Prosecution !! And Prosecution is more than happy to actually drop this prime witness itself (as it had merrily done earlier)! What is gpoing on?

This is not strange - if you consider that:
  • It is common knowledge that legal system has turned into a vicious game. How can i twist this law to do that?
  • A recent report cited: Rs 2630-crore bribe paid yearly to judiciary in India
  • Magistrates do not hesitate to issue arrest warrants/summons against well-known people/celebrities in frivolous of cases - but its extremely rare to see same posture being adopted towards Politicians. When there are lakhs of court cases rotting across India - does it make sense when courts waste there time in frivolous/attention-grabbing cases.
  • Police should be involved in doing solid investigation, being a partner of the ordinary citizen in maintaing law and order. But what do we find? A Lathi Charging, Trigger-Happy Police - happy to kill its own citizens. And investigation - now whats that?
  • And about deaths in police custody every-year - its hard to believe. Read this. No wonder, approaching police to seek help - is not a practice widely followed in India.
  • 'Tareekh pe Tareekh' - this is one of the very telling dialogues from the movie Damini. It shows how 'delaying' tactics in courts can kill cases. Indian judicial system must be one of the 'slowest' in the world. Most likely - The Slowest.

As for Police Reforms - Supreme Court directed the State Govts to implement it. But - no surprise there - state govts - are not interested. Judicial Reforms - we need them now - not later. Is this the land of Harashavardhana, Ashoka, Mahatma Gandhi?


At 3:43 AM, Blogger Musings on India said...

very well said AKD. i think agree with your view that one of the primary levers to bring about drastic change is media. i think there is a lot that has already started happening so we can laud the initiatives but continue increasing the momentum.


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