Friday, September 08, 2006

Browbeating the Witness - Bina Ramani

A key witness (Bina Ramani) in Jessica Lal case has been arrested apparently on charges not directly related to this case. This while the prime accused roams free.

WHAT exactly is police or the legal system going to acheive? - WHAT, effect is it going to have?
  • The Witness will be discredited perhaps.
  • Fewer and fewer witnesses will come forth in future. As it is, they don't. EXACTLY for These Reasons.

HAS, the government ever thought through - WHY witnesses do not want to stand up ?

  • It's a DIRECT result of Poor Law and Order Situation in the Country.
  • Harassment of witnesses by Police and Goons.

Justice would be served well; if Truth Wins, and Not just whoever has got the Smartest Lawyer.

It is no secret that the very thought of facing the courts in India leaves the common man with a sense of dread and despair. Who or what is responsible for this situation? Where have we lost our way?

An Excellent Book on this subject: 'India's Legal System: Can it be Saved' by Fali S. Nariman (Leading Jurist) :

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At 12:30 AM, Blogger Bharati said...

I know of case where in the husband even went through a lie detector test which found him innocent even then the police want to charge him for dowry death.......and the father of the wife actually had case of child abuse complain in makkala sahaya vani and nothing happened aginst him . so tomorrow why will any man approach the police or makkala sahaya vani .

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