Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Why do Criminals get Elected in India?

Democracy is a Numbers Game. And anyone who has the numbers can get elected.

Every Vote Counts.
So, everytime we hear the lament: "It is the citizens who vote for criminals and elect them therefore they themselves are responsible" - it riases questions around - who exactly is voting for them and WHY ??

Its the vote banks of various kinds which are at work on the basis of : Caste, Illiteracy, Poverty, Linguistic, minority, religious and so on. So, if you know how to exploit these numbers - you have made it ! Therefore, there is a vested interest in propagating the idea of caste, preserving illiteracy, and bless proliferation of slums.

On the face of it everyone wants progress, hence it should be the biggest vote bank of ALL. But it is clearly NOT WORKING - we throw up large number of useless inept politicians along with criminals into Parliament and Assemblies every time. There is something wrong fundamentally here.

There indeed are good men too; but in very small minority.

No Alternative Syndrome is at work too. Whom do you vote for - if all the candidates in your constituency standing for elections are crooks. This situation is very very common, and arises because honest good citizens do not enter the business of politics. WHY NOT.
India still does not have a critical mass of honest politicians who genuinely want to do good for its citizens. So, they are surrounded, by local hooligans and dishonest men. And they simply drown in this mess, and cannot function - leave alone winning an election. (You would know that - Manmohan Singh lost election from South Delhi - numbers just didn't add up for him!)

So, whats the way ahead?
Awareness. Speak Up. Make your vote count. Refuse to tolerate corrupt politicians. Vote for Progress - yes it does not seem to be working yet, but it will when the Vote Bank for Progress is big enough. Anyway, its better than letting dishonest men sleep in positions of power.

When President Abdul Kalam returned an ordinance for reconsideration, this is what Mulayam Singh Yadav (Chief Minister of one of the largest, most backward, and illiterate state in india) had to say: "...In future, the President better be mindful of the constitutional traditions before embarking on such steps."
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If Criminals get elected - They will no longer run from law - They will frame it for you and me.


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