Monday, October 02, 2006

Anatomy of a Mob

Mob - the very word is so abhorrent that it brings out utter contempt and disgust for it. And we had so many of these in our country destroying life and property time-and-again, often with implicit blessings of the state.

1984: Anti-Sikh Riots; 2002: Gujarat Riots; 2006: In the wake of Rajkumar's death mobs go on rampage. And so on....

Why do they Exist

For the single reason that they do not fear any punishment. They know they can hide behind anonymity. They know they have implicit blessings of crooked Politicians in many cases. They know that mobs have largely been left unpunished in the past. Aren't we one of the only countries in the world - where such large scale mob violence exists? More than 3000 murdered in delhi alone in 1984, Hundreds in Gujarat, and the list goes on.

What comprises a Mob

The illiterate, hooligans - who have - nothing to lose mentality. The problem also is these hooligans are not tax payer's as well - so destroying property doesn't matter to them at all (Why else would anyone attack Delhi Metro?). It wouldn't be far fetched to say - most of them participate for the sheer thrill of violence. Largely Middle Class people do not participate in Mob Violence. This is just an approximation, but is largely true.

How can it be Prevented

Political and Executive Will. That alone will crush this menace. It has almost been a practice to allow Mobs to go on a rampage for a few days before trying to subdue it. WHY? Well - ask the cheap Politicians? But when Politicians use Mobs to settle scores, play divisive vote bank Politics, mobs are emboldened not weakened. Presence of Media perhaps will help - but not much. Courts can only do so much.

What can a ordinary individual do

Take a clear stand against it. Speak Up. As a citizen of India - how come you do not have a stake in betterment of your country. Ofcourse you do. Do what it takes. India belongs as much to you as it does to a Politician or a Policeman. Its not their job alone to set things right.

On a side note: Sipping tea and watching world cup football (where we don't even figure) alone will take us nowhere. It is so silly to see jokers praying for Brazil's win with a football in their hands. Guys wake up - take that football and play the game for India - if you love the game so much...ask why shouldn't the President of All India Football Federation resign after India's dismal performance for decades in this sport.

There is no single story and picture that did as much harm to India's secular image as this one in TIME: Killing Thy Neighbor

Love in the Times of Slaughter - Harsh Mander


At 6:06 AM, Blogger Silkboard said...

There is this feeling that " mob can get away". Unless some cases are made example of (catch and imprison all stone pelters and arsonists), this wont go away.

We have a 'bandh' here tomorrow (Bangalore, Oct 4), could expect more of the same.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger Apun Ka Desh said...

Silkboard >

Exactly, in the era of media and cameras - they should be put to use. Check the video of the arsonists - Imprison the Perpetrators and put them behind bars.

This is indeed done in many western countries.

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