Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thankyou Railways - for the fight against Corruption.

People no less than Ministers indulge in looting Tax Payer's Money.
BUT, this is not surprising in a country - where - the very reason large number of people become Ministers is to do the same.

Caught Ticketless

Shibu Soren (Coal Minister !) - his family is caught travelling ticketless.
Dear Mr Soren: Have you seen the poor state of Safety across mine's in India. Read this earlier post about it. Sure you don't because, sometimes you are ABSONDING, at other times you are fooling the Railways. Pls don't Sir - it's time we made some progress.

Haji Yaqub Qureshi (UP Haj Minister !) - This portfolio itself is very strange by the way - caught travelling without travel documents.
Dear Minister Sir: Pls don't cry conspiracy. Actually, most people are NOT surprised with the fact that - our leaders - are the first among all to - break laws.

With these state of affairs - its no wonder -
  • Crooks hang around the railway station reservation counters.
  • Rallyists consider their birth right to barge into reserved compartments and travel.
  • Very large number of occupants of Passenger Trains, and Unreserved Compartments in trains across UP, Bihar and Orissa - do not buy tickets.
Lets hope the situation improves.

Kudos to the Railway Officials - for their fight against corruption. Thankyou.

Of black-coated TCs and ticketless travel
Bihar Minister fined for ticketless travel
Railway stations synonymouswith chaos and corruption


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