Monday, September 18, 2006

Corrupt and Poor HealthCare across India - WHY?

Some shocking stories

Unattended dead body eaten by rats in public hospital
Complete Story:

Sweepers play doctors in Bihar hospital
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Most injections in India unsafe
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This is NOT ubelievable in a country - where conditions in govt. hospitals across the country are apalling to say the least.

Dear Health Minister : Ramadoss - Sleeping Or Playing petty political games?

The World Health Organization norms state that there should be one doctor per 2,500 people, India has one doctor per 1000 people, with Maharashtra one doctor per 1100 people and Mumbai with one doctor per 700 people.

Yet, our government hospitals are one of the worst in the world ?

In India it is the privilege of every health minister to start a medical college in his/her constituency. Just like the first thing that the Railway Minister does is to start new trains to his/her constituency.

What a shame. Quality NOT Quantity - is what we need.


Where a Cuddle With Your Baby Requires a Bribe
Rash of medical colleges spawn corruption and mediocrity:
Health care is among the most corrupt services in India
Price of Insanity
Most Indians can't afford healthcare


At 1:37 AM, Anonymous Hiren said...

You have got a unique blog here. I must appreciate the effort put in for all the links. Our country sufferes from both corruption and poor governance. Its good to highlight that if it makes an impace to the extent possible.

The causes are too deep rooted to go overnight.


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