Sunday, September 24, 2006

On a Lighter Note: Overheard

At a Airlines Ticketing Counter

Customer(C): Excuse Me.
Ticketing Agent(TA): Yes Sir.

C: Do you guys fly to Mumbai? {Almost made me laugh... as if the question was does the Ticket Agent - himself flies to Mumbai?}
TA: Yes Sir.

C: What is the price for the flight tomorrow?
TA: The price for the morning flight is 'so-and-so'.

C: What? Aren't you supposed to be a low fare airline? {Expression of Surprise!}
TA: Yes Sir.

C: Your fare is much higher than 'so-and-so' airlines. {Loud and Demanding}
TA: Hmmm... {doesn't seem to know what to say}

C: Why do you advertise low fare then? {As if the Ticketing Agent has advertised it personally!}
TA: Ughh.... you have to buy the ticket in advance sir to get lower fare.

C: Advance? You mean buy a month or more in advance? {i have better things to do !!}
TA: Yes Sir, it comes cheaper then. {Is trained to be polite obviously.}

C: Oh Really? {leaves in disgust}

Just think about the conditions prevailing even 10 years ago - You had to buy whatever ticket is available, at whatever price from a limited number of one or two airlines; if you wanted to fly at all!

There was no reason for govt. to hold back entry of private player's in this sector for so long. BUT, then didn't we have just one car - AMBASSADOR, and one scooter - BAJAJ for several decades in this country. Ok there was a FIAT and a VESPA too... after some time :).

And yes - Perhaps the Ticket Agent deserves some politeness from the customers as well.


At 1:56 AM, Blogger dumbdodi said...

Yes I agree. We have now taken for granted all good things in life.
People working in customer service do get a raw deal from the clients. They are subjected to a lot of rude behaviour.
Good point made through your post

At 4:18 AM, Blogger Silkboard said...

got the point. privatize!

airfares, telephony, automobiles - all perfect examples. we have made good progress in short amount of time, and will make more shortly. but damn these communists.

At 9:44 PM, Blogger Sunil Parmar said...

I agree completely. There's a huge social change in our life style. But still there's a lot of change nedded.

It's nice to see a blog dedicated to my country.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

At 8:52 AM, Anonymous Hiren said...

I also learnt that on my recent trip to Chennai for the blog mela. "The early bird catches the bird" as they say.

At 11:49 PM, Blogger Twisted DNA said...

You are right 10 years ago, several markets had only one brand, like Bajaj. But the rencet change is in the attitude of Indians to spend money and hence all the new commercialism. I think it is good!


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