Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Top 10 ways to keep Indians Poor

  1. Invent fancy slogans like GARIBI HATAO, throw them at people and go to sleep.
  2. Resort to Gimmicks like distributing TV Sets, Bicycles, Berozgar Bhatta. But never ever try to encourage employment in anyway. (TN, Karnataka, UP - its happening everywhere.)
  3. Pot Hole the Infrastructure so that it can't be used.
  4. Ensure Civil (and other) court cases/disputes take decades to settle. This will effectively discourage good hardworking men from entering into any business.
  5. A sorry state of law and order will help. (Allowing Bandhs, Road/Rail Roko only harms economy)
  6. Allow Trade Unions to protect few thousand jobs (Hard to Fire, is hard to Hire), at the cost of keeping millions un-employed. (Eg: Airport Modernization/Privatization will result in very large number of direct/indirect job creation actually)
  7. Make starting/running/closing businesses so difficult that entrepreneurship is very unattractive; therefore job creation. Ensure that you have the most archaic labor laws in the world. (Did you know: If you close a business which employs more than 100 people you need govt. cleareance. What it takes to do that - is anybody's guess.)
  8. Do not even think of spending anything on Primary Education. Waste the Tax Payer's money in all the wrong places. (In huge self-promoting advertisements in newspapers, in reservations etc.)
  9. Make Property, Company and all forms of registration full of red-tape and corruption. This will ensure that all important work is slow and held back. (Yes Corruption and Red Tape breeds poverty too. Go try Property Registration, Or Apply for Passport and see the policeman do his passport verification bit)
  10. Promote men and women to important policy making positions by virtue of their cast, creed and place of birth - enact legislations to this effect. This will ensure poor, ill-conceived policies continue. (We need superb leaders at the top. A great leader can carry hundreds of mediocres, NEVER the other way round).

Food for Thought:

  • Are these problems actually Political in nature? It seems so... not much of economics actually.
  • Is there a case of a stronger more vocal middle class (that votes too) ?
  • Are we in love with poverty? Sometimes it seems so - so many movies/stories in our country actually eulogize poverty - as if its something desirable.
  • Who can change this scenario - its the men/women in power. Ordinary individuals can do only so much. When reform, growth happens top down, it happens fast. When it happens bottoms up (as in the case of India) it happens in spurts, unregulated, and definitely uneven manner.

What are the other Top ways to keep Indians Poor?


At 7:32 PM, Anonymous ekawaaz said...


very well said, can you add one more things 11th give vote to lefts (red). This is main culprit party stopping all India progress opposing all liberarisation. They dont oppose if anything comes in terms investment comes from China, but as soon as any investment comes from Europe and US they start shouting slogans. Stupid People.

At 3:42 AM, Blogger Ashish said...

Not everything is so bad :-), there are lots of poor people who have risen up in this country and got rich. You can just take a look at municipal councillors, politicians, police, and the odd babu; they show us the way to get ahead in the world.

At 1:18 AM, Anonymous Kumar said...

Have you observed that Indians do very well when they go abroad. Same people remain mediocre in our country.

We do not reward excellence, in the name of socialism, equality, we are have ensured that people do not strive to work hard or excel.

At 6:51 AM, Blogger Suresh Gupta said...

A good thought provoking aticle. Indian people have to start another freedom movement, but this time each individual will have to be a leader and lead from where he or she is. No Gandhi Ji, only people.


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