Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dengue@AIIMS - What is the Health Ministry doing?

WHY has Dengue afflicted almost 20 doctors from a single premier govt. run Hospital - AIIMS.

The reasons are not far to seek: AIIMS like much of govt. run institutions (inspite of its premier nature) is a victim of apathy, inefficiency and yes : lack of hygiene.

Read this news: Dengue Outbreak: Why AIIMS?

We just don't have a tradition of Planning for Success. We know how to react. This is what is taking place - now see 'safai karamchari', minister - coming out to make noises and attempt to clean up the mess - after Dengue menace has surfaced.

And have you heard of Extortion/Vasooli by the Safai karamchari's (govt. paid employees who are responsible for cleaning or picking up garbage from localities)?
Sure you have. If not - read this story - `Demanding' karamcharis
Excerpt: "...the safai karmacharis' leader has allegedly warned Mr. Dubey's family that they would dump garbage in front of their house if the said amount was not paid."

The adjacent picture shows CM of Delhi - Shiela Dixit - on a cleanliness drive. What exactly is she trying to do with a broom? Can she herself clean up all of Delhi???

This is Exactly the kind of Tokenism, and Gimmicks - we should get rid of. What we need is - for her - to make the 'safai karamchari' or the cleaners - DO THEIR JOB Properly. Ensure that Health Minister of her State is doing the needful. We need Solid Administration with Results - not gimmicks.

WHY is it that premises of Private Enterprises are so often sparkling clean, and when you walk-in to a govt. run department it gives a picture of Chaos, Rudeness, Apathy, and Lack of Hygiene. Walk into an RTO Office or pretty much any govt. hospital to see it for yourself.

Health Minister, The Cola-Smashing NGOs - WHY are they silent?
Why don't they raise a hue and cry about sorry hygiene conditions across hospitals, hostels, roadside hotels? Because it doesn't serve them with newsbytes?

An interesting note: Cola sales don't seem to have really gone down as a result of pesticide controversy (except for the one artificially created by closing down Kerala plant). WHY? Perhaps because people do not believe the self-serving Politicians and NGOs much.

But this is nothing.
We have Polio re-emerging, clean drinking water not available in rural areas (even cities), govt. hospitals in a state of filthy mess. Nobody seems to talk about them?
An earlier post regarding this: Corrupt and Poor HealthCare across India - WHY?

Dengue Scare Intensifies in Delhi


At 3:15 PM, Blogger Id it is said...

How else does one explain the complete disregard for human life? However, that has an economic bias. The value of human life in a geographic location is directly proportional to the currency exchange rate of the place.
Good post.

At 11:00 PM, Anonymous Hiren said...

Health consciouness in India is generally at a lower ebb than in other countries. PArt of the problem could also be because the doctores have become too commercial.

At 4:10 AM, Blogger Apun Ka Desh said...

id it is >>
"The value of human life in a geographic location is directly proportional to the currency exchange rate of the place"

Hmmm....don't quite understand that.

hiren > Yes docs becoming commercial is a thing - but then nothing wrong with it - as long as they do their job honestly. It is the hospital administration etc... which is perhaps not doing its job properly.


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