Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Congress: Oops, Sorry. Sep 7 was not Vande Mataram Centenary.

Need we say more?

Is this how irresponsible Congress, HRD Ministry, and very venerable Shree Arjun Singh is ?

So, Mr Arjun Singh Jee - don't you owe an answer to the country; as to what was the basis on which HRD Ministry under your esteemed leadership issued a notification to the affect of Centenary Celebrations of Vande Mataram ?

Well - Politicians are not answerable to anyone. Isn't it ?



At 5:37 AM, Anonymous neo said...

well I didnt read the article that your post linked to but I can say this that its true- Politicians are not answerable to anyone but themselves.

So in an ideal society, a politician would be someone who has a very strong conscience but alas we live in a real world and here only those who have no conscience are politicians.


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