Saturday, September 09, 2006

A Letter to Laloo Jee - Rail Mantri

Dear Laloo Jee,

You are soon going to address the IIM(A) about how you managed to bring about some profit in Indian Railways. Very Nice Sir.

We have some questions for you.
Aren't you the same guy:

  • Who mismanaged and ruined Bihar for almost a decade. It is one of the poorest and most illiterate states in India. OfCourse your predecessors are responsible too. But, did you know sir that - Bihar was among the top 5 best managed states in India at the time of independence!
  • Who thrust upon Bihar, your wife (Shreemati Rabri Jee); who was always more bothered about managing her residence than the state.
  • Against whom there is a case pending about - Chara Ghotala. Ofcourse, the case continues, so you do have benefit of doubt. But, most people do not doubt.
  • Who's brother-in-law, Sadhu Yadav, has serious cases of murder, and hooliganism pending in court. And he too was in jail recently (just like you). But ofcourse he is a Member of Parliament now.
  • Who gave RJD party ticket to renowned history sheeter, Shahabuddin against whom charges of Murder and more are pending in court. But ofcourse he is a Member of Parliament now.
  • Who is wasting tax payers money on building railway lines specifically for his in-laws village. Sir, there are more towns in India which require your kind attention too.

We definitely have e-ticketing initiative and a few more that are useful. But, is this all we expect of a Railway Minister.

Don't we need the following:

  • Cleaner Railway Stations.
  • Adequate Parking Space outside Railway Stations. Have you observed, that CONSISTENTLY, it is the areas outside railway stations in every city, that are very unclean and dirty. But that may not be your problem.
  • Travel Ticket Examiners (TTEs) - who do not expect bribe for giving you a reservation. Ofcourse, there are good folks too; but what do you do with the bad ones.
  • Cleaner decent Cloak Rooms at Railway Station. Have you been to the one at New Delhi Railway Station ? If not, you should visit.
  • Removal of crooks roaming near reservation counters, who promise a reservation when the reservation clerk says none is available.
  • And above all safe rail travel for everyone. (This deserves a separate post sir.)
  • And ofcourse, Privatize your operations where you can.

But, coming back to the railway profits, sir we understand that these are a direct result of increased freight traffic, which in turn is due to increased industrialization. Kudos to Railway Bureaucrats for making use of this opportunity, and to you sir, for simply allowing them to perform.



At 9:40 AM, Blogger indianangel said...

Great Shot! Very nice post! I hate that idiot too! We need more refined people who have visions in their life(like kalam), only then our country will improve!

At 9:38 AM, Blogger Silkboard said...

lalu is one smart guy BTW. he has carefuly built his rustic image to build a rural support base. he isn't as dumb a guy in real life i have heard.

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