Monday, September 11, 2006

Land Grabbing and Daridra Narayan.

Deve Gowda - self-proclaimed Son of Soil, self-proclaimed Daridra Narayan:

  • Accused IT Companies and especially Narayana Murthy of Land Grabbing. Does he know that IT Companies have generated lakhs of jobs in the state; which he never could.
  • Accused Ashok Kheny's NICE (and therefore BMIC infrastructure project) of Land Grabbing. Does he know that this infrastructure project will result in unprecedented development of Bangalore neighborhoods.
  • And in a master stroke installed his son as CM of Karnataka. And before that could happen, the would-be CM had to roam around with a bus-load of MLAs in a bus to prevent MLAs from jumping over (This precedent was already set in Uttar Pradesh earlier). This is how politicians are; they need to be hoarded away, else someone may lure them away :)

And much more.

Earlier, Mr Deve Gowda had promised that he would “slit his throat” in case it was proved that either he or any of his family members owned land near the Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor (BMIC). Read:

BUT, the same Daridra Narayan and his family is now accused of the Very Same Thing. Land Grabbing.

And what happens next is:

Gowdas resort to panic-selling :

Why Deve Gowda is Bad for Bangalore:
The decline of Bangalore:


At 4:27 AM, Blogger Silkboard said...

many this guy is a curse on Bangalore. I sort of agree.

At 9:59 PM, Blogger srinivas said...

Pls read the report on this project in The Hindu dated 24th January 2007. It clearly exposes the "Real Intention" of NICE and Mr. Ashok Kheny.

If I am given ownership to sell Government acquired lands at rock bottom prices at prevailing Market prices on each side of the Toll road even before completion of the toll road PLUS enjoy 30 years of toll collection before handing over the toll roads back, I am ready to undertake similar projects all over India.


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