Saturday, September 16, 2006

Driving License Test Inspectors - Selling Tickets ! Buy Or Else !!

The inspectors who test your driving skills at RTO office (for a driving license), EXPECT you to pay up one way or another. So, to ensure that they are not caught red handed - they have resorted to subtle extortion techniques.

Once you have shown them your driving skills, they will present you with a number of tickets of some esoteric Play or Show - each costing at least 100 rupees. And yes you are subtly told that - you HAVE TO buy at least a couple of them.

The message being - if you do not - you may be failed in your driving test.
This is indeed unique !!

Check this out for yourself in Bangalore.

Isn't it a well known fact that - RTO centers pretty much all over India - are dens of corruption !


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