Saturday, July 12, 2008

Man gives birth to baby: Perfect example of media lies.

'Man gives birth to a baby'. Remember this news item? Read this indiatimes article here , and CNN-IBN news here, and Rediff news here, and ...

Read the news carefully, and you will realize, that this "man" is really a woman(yes born a woman). And only started living like a "man" in last few years by taking some hormones, and keeping all her reproductive organs intact. This being the case, this news is no-news at all. But our wonderful media (trust them to fool you) ensured that details are either ignored, or mentioned in passing, and certainly not contained in news title; thereby creating hype and providing incorrect news! Bravo, journalists. We understand you have to earn a living, but never forget what the Spidy says: 'With great power, comes great responsibility'!

India's pride: AIIMS - really?

AIIMS is in news for all the wrong reasons. Whats breeding? Open gutter right in the heart of AIIMS. Read on.

Earlier students have died of dengue in this very hospital. Lessons have not been learnt. Not surprising. The Health Minister Ramadoss is spending his time chasing the more visible and popular causes: Smoking in Films, Potato Chips and Cold Drinks.