Saturday, August 25, 2007

Points to Ponder Over....

Some Nuggets ...
  • CBI Scores Again! After letting off Quottrochi in Argentina by being a silent spectator, Shibu Soren is out of jail now. The High Court remarked: Poor work done by CBI caused this. Yoo Hoo! CBI does it again. Nevertheless, we must be one of the only countries on earther where one court gives a life-sentence, and another court exonerates the person (exactly same case no evidence change) completely !!
  • Salman Khan is behind bars for a Poaching Case (5 years prison term). With all due respect to the Bishnoi Community - we have the most interesting Judiciary and Legal System in the world. The butchers of Gujarat Riot 2002, Mumbai Riots 1992 , anti-sikh riots 1984 roam free (many even actively protected by politicians), and a black-buck poaching case is pursued as if there is no tomorrow. Yeah! Selective Justice is Injustice...
  • After initiaiting the Nuclear Deal - BJP is now opposing it - when it is reaching its point of conclusion! And the Left are out to oppose for he sake of opposing (media should not give sound bytes to third grade politicians - whose only job these days seem to be to come on tv channels and talk nonsense). Ronen Sen said the truth - these jokers are headless chickens. Well said sir. Do a poll and you will find indians agree with what he said.
  • Speak against fraud of an MLA, and you will be jailed. Ask Mithilesh Amin from Anand, when he spoke against BJP MLA Dilip Patel for being involved in a Bank Fraud - well there was no investigation on the MLA, but Mithilesh was put behind bars.
Well, India is certainly making rapid strides. Tell us about it.

Sunday, August 12, 2007


This is well crafted movie, which will gain by word of mouth publicity (like this one)! The understated manner in which the movie is made, is its strength - no over the top dialogues, no unnecessary side-stories.

This movie is highly recommended for (someone please give these folks free tickets to the movie): The babus, ministers, clerks at - Sports Authority of India, Olympic Association of India, Indian Hockey Federation, Indian Football Federation, The Sports Ministry, Mr Mani Shankar Iyer (Sports Minister), and all the other third-grade sports federations of this country. Mr Priya Ranjan Das Munshi it won't hurt you to go to a nearby theatre too, you have ruined football in this country, and are busy being silly at the I&B Ministry too.

We are staring at a medals tally of 0 Gold, 0 Silver, 0 Bronze in the next Olympics.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Me Lord...

Me Lord,

I recently visited your judicial premises for some ordinary work. The clerks there told me your work will not be done, unless you take a LIC Policy from them. I was taken aback - not because the clerk had wrapped a 'bribe-demand' in the form of a Policy! But - was taken aback - that it was happening right under your nose sir!

Then, i recall going to get a Driving License. The test inspector failed me the first time for no obvious reason. But he had the right to do so. So, i obediently appeared for a second driving test - this time the driving test inspector asked me to buy some Tickets from him. I was not taken aback because the inspector had wrapped a 'bribe-demand' in the form of a Ticket. But - was taken aback - that it was being done so brazenly - no fear of law and order.

Oh, before i forget, i remember seeking help from Police once. To my surprise the police inspector was quite obliging, and came along with me. I thanked him for that (having expected that i would not receive any help) - but as he was about to leave - he started noting down my vehicle number. Upon asking why he was doing so, he mentioned that i owe him money. I was not taken aback me lord. I was shell-shocked this time. Apparently the police wallah was indirectly threatening me to embroil me in something totally unrelated if i did not oblige. I do not know, but that was my best guess.

And sir, this might not seem out-of-place, please let me narrate... i was having pani-puri the other day near my house late in the evening, when a Police Jeep stopped and starked honking. The Paani Puri guy, went towards the jeep gave some money and came back, and the jeep left. Upon asking, came to know that it was the 'hafta' thing. And on enquring further was told, that these people do not issue them license to do their work legally - purposefully, so that they may collect the daily 'bribe' one way or another.

Thankyou for listening.
Humbly Yours.