Friday, February 29, 2008

Reality Check - Farmer and Debt Relief

Sulabhram is a model citizen - farmer by profession.
Moneyram is a shrewd citizen - farmer by profession.

Both took a loan of Rs 50,000/= from a government bank. Sulabhram worked hard to pay back the loan amount. Moneyram did not pay back a single paisa.

Mr Chidambaram (a perinially smiling celebrated finance minister) declared that there was no need to payback unpaid loan. Sulabhram has not just lost Rs 50,000/=, he feels like a fool for having paid back the loan. Moneyram has not just gained Rs 50,000/=, his belief that he must take even more loans and not repay anything has further been strengthened.

This is not some hypothetical story - but a reality. Not even talking of loan taken from private money lenders here!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Traffic Fine Collectors are ON

Come February, and Traffic Fine Collectors (ughh.. there are no cops in India) are back on roads. So, they want to collect as much 'fine' as possible before the financial year ends on Mar 31st. Smart Boys.

This is our true blue desi style of improving the traffic situation in India. To hell with long term planning, To hell with putting reasonable traffic lights at junctions, To hell with instilling a sense of discipline among the fellow countrymen, the list is long. Lets not even talk of basic infrastructure. "Maal Andar Karo".... futtafut.

The number of docs necessary to escape the fine: Driving License, Insurance Papers, Registration Papers, Pollution Certificate (Black Smoke from exhaust will be invisible to the 'fine' collector, as long as the Pollution Certificate is visible), local registration(if vehicle from another state) . And if you are a commercial vehicle, hmm.. a few more docs.

Fine Wallah's are on the prowl Mr Chidambaram in February - this may boost the economy Sir. Say what?