Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ex Minister Civil Aviation Minister should know better

The former Union Civil Aviation Minister, C.M. Ibrahim, was prevented from boarding a Bangalore-bound flight at Chennai Airport on Tuesday night after a pistol and bullets were found in his hand baggage.

C M Ibrahim appreciated the Chennai airport authorities for enforcing that rule of not allowing pistols and bullets in one's hand baggage !! Wow!

Guess what would have happened to a ordinary citizen in the same situation? Most certainly he would have been detained (after all CISF decided to detain and get into a scuffle with French Jounalists for smoking at the very same airport !!).

Do our laws apply differently to different people?

Vande Mataram

On what basis Shri Arjun Singh Jee and his HRD ministry decide that it's centenary celebration of this venerable song ?

  • Bankim Chandra Chatterjee (in pic) wrote this song in 1875
  • It was published in his book 'Anand Math' in 1882

Can they explain pls - its centenary since which event?

UNFORTUNATELY, politics is at play again w.r.t singing this song.
Congress started it, BJP took the bait !

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AND, to top it all, when television channels (thankyou!) went about asking the ministers in BJP ruled states (where they are making this compulsory) as to who was the writer of this song ?
99% of them did not know. So, you see... the hypocrisy.

Here's the complete text of this beautiful national song (in hindi and english):

A book about the song:
VANDE MATARAM — The Biography of a Song: Sabyasachi Bhattacharya
Book Review:

Interesting article by the author of this book:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Corruption Corruption Corruption

Here are some jewels to worry about:

Police Station

  • You are forced to pay the constable for him to 'clear' you for your passport.
  • You want to register a case - you pay up.
  • You want to followup on a case - you pay up.

Property Registration

  • Go there and see it for yourself. You pay up those clerks before anything gets done.

Driving License - RTO

  • You either pay up or keep coming back for more driving tests.
  • A new ploy these days is - they sell tickets (doesnt matter what) - which you are supposed to buy OR ELSE !!! This allows them not to get caught !

And many more...

What do ALL the above have IN COMMON. They are all Government Run Departments - These are Dens of Corruption and Inefficiency.

Anyone can go and find these out to be true. So why is Sonia Gandhi and her self-serving Bureaucrats sleeping.

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Student Elections - Do we need them?

Incident: A group of allegedly ABVP activists beat up a Professor to death.
Witnesses: As seen in video images, these 'students' are threatening professors with dire consequences. There are hundres of people and police seen too.

What does the Police say:
We do not have any witnesses. What a joke!

What does the CM (Shivraj Singh Chouhan) of Madhya Pradesh do:
Orders a long drawn CID investigation. And gives clean-chit to perpetrators of the crime even before the investigations are begun! Aise hain hamaare desh ke neta...

Who the hell needs Political Parties on campuses.

Will the HR/EDUCATION MINISTER - ARJUN SINGH take up these matters with the same urgency, as he does his quota vota politics ???

This incident is a true reflection of our Netas and Police.
This is how a magnificent university - Allahabad University - was destroyed.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006


As of 31 December 2005, as many as 2,92,10,015 (or roughly three crore) cases are pending in various courts across the country while nearly 3,000 posts of judges are lying vacant, with the UPA government doing nothing about it?

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More :

"Indian judiciary has become a decaying institution that has no internal mechanisms or will or strength to adapt to the changing times...."
Read on:

The Question is - WHY isn't the Law Minister, Parlimanentarians doing anything about this situation?

MLAs and MPs - Whats up?

We know these folks do not discuss or do meaningful things.
But what do they do?

Abuses and threats resound in Lok Sabha a day after our leaders gave themselves a big wage hike.
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"Woh tumhara behnoi hai. Oo kya bolega, wo to khud goonda hai! Main us saale ko maar daloonga! Isko Speaker kisne banaya? Speaker ke is bartav se goonde hi paida honge! Koi sansad m** -b ***** ki gaaliyan sunne nahin aaya hai. Koi yeh na samjhe ki hum choodi pehen ke baithen hain."
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Here are some examples from the UP Assembly:

On the positive side, there is widespread condemnation of the above by Parliamentarians.

BUT, When will we start discussing about our progress??

Did You Know: Percentage of Tainted MPs in Parliament?

Do you know how many tainted MPs we have in our venerable Parliament (Lower House)?

According to a tally by Outlook, a weekly magazine, no fewer than 100 of the 542 present members of the lower house face criminal charges.
Read Here:

It's amazing that as much as almost 20% of our MPs are "tainted".

Monday, August 28, 2006

Quotas - Arjun Singh, Sonia Gandhi, UPA - A Case of Divide and Rule

A majority of the Members of the National Knowledge Commission had clearly asserted that the Government should not extend reservations to OBCs as proposed by the Human Resource Destruction Ministry.

In his resignation (from Knowledge Commission) letter Prof Andre Beteille has clearly indicated that the quota proposal is a cynical misrepresentation of recently-enacted provisions of the Constitution.

YET: Our dear leaders ARJUN SINGH with blessings of Madam SONIA GANDHI, pushed ahead for reservations for OBC.

This is a classic game of DIVIDE and RULE. Not New to INDIA at all.

Read on :

How cheap the gimmics are of our politicans can be gauged by the fact that these leaders are mum on the seemingly open-and-shut case of CREAMY LAYER EXCLUSION.

Sonia Gandhi's only ambition seems to be cling on to power and hand on the reigns to the next generation.

Arjun Singh is playing the survival game, just like what VP Singh did.

Health Warnings from Dr Ramadoss

What exactly is the role of the Health Minister ?

Improving the state of Government Hospitals
Providing quality HealthCare to citizens across India
and so on....

What is he doing:
  • Flip Flopping between giving Clean Chit to Colas and declaring them unsafe.
Clean Chit :

No Clean Chit:

  • Going around with a Stethoscope to AIIMS and fighting with its director.
  • Ignoring his prime responsibities - can he explain why govt. hospitals across india have become synonymous with 'places to go if you have no other choice'. There are few exceptions of course.

Read on : For, Ramadoss became an embarrassment to the Government from the moment he was appointed the Health Minister....
at this URL:

Minister and People Watch - As a Family Drowns in Rajasthan

This is one of those incidents which makes us cry aloud- what the hell is happening?

For 8 hours a family was struck atop a car which found itself in middle of a swelling river.
Audience included : The Forest Minister of Rajasthan (Laxmi Narayan Dave), and Scores of People.
What did they do : Pretty much nothing. They could have called for FireBrigade, Helicopters, Army, Police help.

Read this unfortunate story here:

The Forest Minister should have been questioned and perhaps even punished for his inaction.

BUT, instead what did the CM of Rajasthan State had to say:
What do you want. Do you want my minister to jump into it to save these five people? We are trying every thing possible and we have saved a number of lives. Why can't you pat us on our back for that? Any one can make a story...what's great about it?"
Read on:

It's a SHAME !!! Aise hain hamare neta.

Mulayam Jee - Distributing Tax Payers Money for Free.

Mulayam Singh Jee - CM of Uttar Pradesh, is busy distributing a lot to people these days.

Among these:
Sarees for Women folk, Cash for the unemployed etc.

Sarees worth Rs 2.5 bn

Cash to Unemployed

From where is ALL this money coming - Taxpayers Money.
Why is he doing all this - For Populist Vote Bank Politics.
What he should be doing - removing poverty, working for upliftment of people so that there is no need to give crutches to people. Give them a way to stand on their feet instead !!

Aise hain humaare tumhaare neta.
Aapke Humaare paise se vote kharid rahe hain :)

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